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  • History: During MICCAI we (Ron Kikinis, Guido Gerig, Ross Whitaker, Polina Golland, Jim Miller, Tina Kapur, Martin Styner) discussed plans for the current year of NA-MIC. Given that this is the last year for the current participants in Core 3, we need to plan specific activities.
  • We will have an information exchange between Core 1 and Core 3 to discuss
    • a) clinical hypothesis and image analysis questions,
    • b) refined existing and new data sets related to a) and
    • c) refined and new algorithms available and ready to meet requirements of a) and b). Emphasis will be on the question what actions to take that will result in NA-MIC clinical application science papers especially w.r.t. the "low hanging fruits" discussed at the AHM.


  • The venue is the conference room on the second floor of our 1249 Boylston Street Facility (directions) in Boston on October 17 between 9.30am and 3pm.
  • Nancy Maxwell will be waiting downstairs to let you in the building. Call her at 617 525 6105 if she is not there.


  • 09.30am Begin
  1. Intro: Ron
  2. Core 3: Discussion of newly available data (moderated by Martha Shenton & Andy Saykin)
    1. New Core 3 Data
  3. Core 1: Discussion of algorithms and processing capabilities that candidates in this effort (moderated by Ross Whitaker & Guido Gerig).
    1. Diffusion Image Analysis
    2. Shape Analysis
    3. fMRI Analysis
  • Identify specific analyses that should be initiated now. Specify teams, interactions and timetables (moderated by Ron Kikinis).
  • 03.00pm Adjourn

Core 3.1 Meeting slides, including list of short- and long-term projects

Ongoing Projects

  • UF: 2 ROI tractography analysis with mean FA measures, doDTI ... submitted to Brain.
  • CF: previously defined ROIs, tractography with behavioral Stroop data, doDTI ... submitted to Archives of General Psychiatry.
  • AF: Registration of Susumu Mori’s atlas to our cases. Slicer Nonlinear FA to FA. No results. Need better registration.
  • CC: (1) Tractography. Fibers seeded in one slice CC ROI. Automated fiber clustering results in ROI color coded based on fiber clustering (Slicer, MIT Collaboration).

(2) Atlas based approach warping a CC subdivision to individual cases (UNC Collaboration).

  • ALIC: Work in progress. Tractography from anterior and posterior limb of the internal capsule. Slicer
  • STG: Mean FA, mean diffusivity within ROI defined on SPGR Slicer ... submitted to Biological Psychiatry.

Core 3 Wishes

  • Registration:
    • Inter-subject diffusion to diffusion registration.
    • Intra- and inter-subject co-registration of structural, diffusion and functional MRI.
  • DWI/tensor/fiber smoothing.
  • Fiber asymmetry computation.
  • Fiber registration.
  • Tractography of white matter structures seeded in gray matter areas.
  • 3T artifact removal.
  • Segmentation of temporal lobe and basal ganglia.
  • Anatomical atlas for white and gray matter.

List of Participants

  • Core 1
  1. Polina Golland, MIT
  2. Guido Gerig, UNC
  3. Ross Whitaker, UTAH
  4. John Melonakos, Georgia Tech
  5. Dennis Jen, MGH
  6. Doug Greve, MGH
  • Core 3
  1. Martha Shenton, PNL
  2. Marek Kubicki, PNL
  3. Sylvain Bouix, PNL
  4. Marc Niethammer, PNL
  5. Andy Saykin, Dartmouth
  6. John West, Dartmouth
  • Other Cores
  1. Ron Kikinis, SPL
  2. Randy Gollub, MGH and Core 5
  3. Steve Pieper, Core 2 and 6
  4. Brad Davis, Kitware