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Please provide a catalog in chronological order of dissemination activities. This table can be placed on the NAMIC Wiki and should be referenced in the year 2 progress report.

The Recent Dissemination Activites page contains a record of dissemination activities for the first year of NAMIC. These activities are in reverse-chronological order to allow the reader to first see the activities are closest to the present time.

The Center Team would like to know what kind of collaborations are of interest to NAMIC. Specifically, does NAMIC have involvement or contacts with the bottom-up, basic science approaches to schizophrenia research (molecular biology, and biochemistry, for example the work of Paul Greengard on dopamine)

We are planning to continue to focus on our current DBP collaborations through the end of the second year of the center. We have not discussed our next round of collaboration interests or partners yet. As mentioned in the Core 3.2 Response, Core 3.2 investigators have done original work in post-mortem schizophrenic brains, in collaboration with Paul Greengard, and the resultant insights on the role of dopamine and glutamate in DLPFC dysfunction in schizophrenia have informed the Core 3.2 aims and targeted the DLPFC as a region of interest.