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Overview of Toronto DBP 1

Researchers at the University of Toronto investigate genetic links in schizophrenia.

For more introductory information, follow this link.

Toronto Projects

Diffusion Image Analysis and Genetics

Use of Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) to determine white matter differences between psychosis (schizophrenia, schizoaffective, etc.) patients and healthy controls across the lifespan. More...

New: 10 participants with psychosis and 10 healthy controls have been recruited to date.

Optimal Imaging Phenotypes In Schizophrenics and Controls

In a legacy dataset of 28 chronic schizophrenics, to determine fMRI activation during working memory in schizophrenia and apply novel tools to assess circuitry between regions through combining behavior and BOLD signal analyses. More...

New: The initial results were presented at the Human Brain Mapping meeting in Florence IT 2006.

fMRI Analysis of Anxiety Disorder

To explore how variants of candidate genes predict different fMRI activation patterns in selected brain regions in patients vs. controls when processing threatening stimuli. More...

New: The study is currently in the recruitment phase. 30 PD with Agoraphobia, meeting criteria of DSM-IV, will be recruited from the Anxiety Disorder Clinic of the CAMH and 20 healthy control subjects recruited by means of a flyer.