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A 3D Slicer based end-to-end application was developed for MRI-guided prostate biopsy (implemented as a 3D Slicer 3.6 module, ProstateNav). The application supports multiple targeting devices (transrectal robot [5, 15], transperineal template, and transperineal robot [17, 18]) and multiple needle types (for biopsy and seed placement). Automatic and semi-automatic registration of the targeting device to the planning image coordinate system was implemented using 4 line fiducials or 3 orthogonal Z-shaped fiducials [15, 16, 18]. During the planning phase, the clinician defines several point targets for biopsy and seed placement. The 3D Slicer platform provides flexible visualization of several diagnostic image types (T2, contrast-enhanced, etc.). In the targeting phase, the software computes targeting parameters for each site that permit the targeting devices to accurately position the needles. The software offers a means to quantitatively assess the accuracy of needle placement. Patient motion during the intervention (dislocation and deformation between the planning and verification images) can be easily visualized, thereby reducing the chance of incorrect needle placement during lengthy procedures. The software is being tested in phantom experiments at three clinical sites: Brigham and Women's Hospital, NIH National Cancer Institute, and Johns Hopkins Hospital. The software also is being evaluated on patients. The targeting accuracy of the system was evaluated using 3D Slicer and the NA-MIC Kit [2, 5, 6, 7]. [15, 18, 16]

ProstateNav - Calibration of the transrectal robotic device
ProstateNav - Planning of biopsy and seed targets
ProstateNav - Targeting parameters displayed in the operating room
ProstateNav - Verification of the needle insertion, the needle is well aligned with planned trajectory

Preliminary prostate segmentation and registration algorithms were developed. The initial results were encouraging and have been published in journals and presented at conferences. Current algorithm implementations are stored in the NA-MIC sandbox repository. After optimization and tuning they will be to be added to the clinical application [1, 8, 11, 19]. A fast patient motion detection algorithm, based on slice-to-volume registration, also was developed using the NA-MIC Kit [3, 4, 9, 14].

Prostate segmentation using a statistical shape based method [8].

Applicability of 3D Slicer as a generic computer-assisted intervention platform was evaluated. Several architectural and usability features were identified and implemented that enable effective use of 3D Slicer in the operating room [10, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18].

Utilization and further enhancement of the end results are planned in the scope of a new collaboration between NA-MIC/OCAIRO collaboration and through other research grants (applications pending).


  • ProstateNav: MRI-guided prostate biopsy module with multiple device support
    • Implements a complete MRI-guided biopsy workflow: calibration, planning, targeting, verification
    • Supports multiple devices: transrectal robot, transperineal template, transperineal robot
    • Provides 3D visualization of patient images, targets, devices in the control and scanner room
    • Latest stable version is available in Slicer 3.6.1 release. Latest development version source code is available in the NA-MIC Sandbox
    • Tutorial: presentation, dataset

Listing and short description of the sample data

  • Clinical data sets of MRI-guided prostate biopsies
    • 63 anonymized prostate MRI sequences of 5 patients (Pt*), acquired at NIH-NCI, PI-s: Camphausen, Kausal and Pinto.
    • Imaging sessions: (date).Diag = diagnostic; (date).B(id), (date).LR(id), (date).HR(id) = trans-rectal prostate biopsy
    • Image types: Needle Ax = needle insertion confirmation image; SAG 3POINT PLAN = calibration image
  • Tutorial data set
    • One clinical dataset of robot-assisted trans-rectal prostate biopsy, contains calibration, planning, and verification images

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