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Thursday, December 1, 2005.


  • Tara McHugh (Dartmouth)
  • Adam Cohen (BWH)
  • Sylvain Bouix (BWH)
  • Sonia Pujol (BWH)


  • Training on tracing and segmentation in slicer
  • Progress: Adam & Sylvain explain uses of slicer at PNL
  • Reviewed Slicer: Editor -> Volumes -> Setup (AC)
  • Reviewed Slicer: Editor -> Effects -> Draw (AC)
  • Reviewed Slicer: Keyboard shortcuts (AC)
  • Reviewed Co-registration of SPGR and T2W data, EMSegmentation using EMAtlasBrainClassifier, masking, and realign-resampling (AC)
  • Reviewed computing ICC using MeasureVol module in Slicer (AC)
  • Reviewed thresholding in Slicer (SB)
  • Training on loading data, making models, saving data including volumes, labels and models, reloading an existing scene (S.Pujol)
  • Review of the existing training material on the Slicer 101 page (S.Pujol)