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Current Projects

  • Semi Automatic Segmentation and parcellation for the Basal Ganglia
  • Participants:
  • GTech: Ramsey Al-Hakim, Delphine Nain, Allen Tannenbaum.
  • PNL: Sylvain Bouix, James Levitt, Marc Niethammer, Martha Shenton.
  • UCI: James Fallon


  • 05/15/2006: Delphine Nain at the PNL
    • Feedback from the PNL with regards to usability and desired features of the Rule-Based Segmentation Slicer module
  • 12/2005: Rule Based Segmentation of the Striatum in Slicer
    • A Semi-Automatic algorithm for delineation of the striatum into the 5 desired regions was implemented into Slicer
    • The algorithm was placed in the "Rule Based Segmentation" Module
    • The Module has been sent to the PNL and is currently being tested
  • 11/18/2005: Ramsey Al-Hakim at the PNL
    • Demo of Ramsey's rule-based subdivision for the striatum
    • Feedback from the PNL with regards to usability and desired features
    • Ramsey's Matlab program facilitates the subdivision of the striatum based on Jim Fallon's rules (UCI)
    • Matlab interface allows for the simple definition of the regions of interest
    • Changed the interface from drawing on the segmentation to drawing on the gray-level images
    • Future work: Integration of the rule-based subdivision scheme into Slicer
    • Future work: Automatic segmentation of the striatum?
  • 10/2005:
    • Conference call to clarify some of the manual tracing rules.
    • Prototype is being developed in Matlab
  • Met Ramsey Al-Hakim at the Programming Week in Boston and discussed the possibility of adapting his semi automatic segmentation of area 46 to the basal ganglia. Rules for the parcellation of this structure were given by Dr. James Levitt

References and Scientific Output

  • Presentation on semi automated segmentation of DLPFC (slides)