DBP MGH Head and Neck Cancer 2014

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  • Time: 1pm-2pm
  • Goal: Get together with your partners from algorithm and engineering to make plans for the upcoming year.
  • DBP PI: Greg Sharp
    • Review of year 4 goals
      • Hybrid interactive-automatic registration
        • Demonstrated at AAPM 2014
        • Current version uses quasi-static dynamics
        • Future versions can use continuous dynamics, penalties can changed during optimization, can wrap any registration algorithm
        • Collaboration with NAC effort
      • Atlas-based segmentation
        • Released Dec 2013 as standalone
        • Some speed improvements are needed
      • DICOM-RT improvements
        • Released Nov 2013 as part of SlicerRT
        • Still needs some bug fixes
      • DIR validation module
        • Scripted module in development
        • Vector field
    • Plans for remaining 6 months
      • Finish up DICOM-RT and DIR validation projects
      • Documentation, and tutorials
    • Plans beyond 6 months
      • Funded grant through Dec 2014
      • Submission of grant with MSKCC
      • Look at R01 or BRP funding
  • Algorithms as extensions in Slicer: Golland
    • KSlice
      • Chan-Vese optimizer is not well suited for soft tissue
      • We should evaluate with "Fast grow cuts" algorithm
    • Patch-based segmentation algorithm development
      • Refinement of boundaries and use of Gaussian process
  • Engineering workflows in collaboration with DBP: Pieper
    • New framework for registration
      • Manage and control landmarks
    • Integration editor functionality
    • Update to DICOM & DICOM-RT infrastructure
      • Improvements to CTK DICOM browser
    • Extension infrastructure
    • Subject hierarchy moved to Slicer core