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Current Status of Annotation and MarkUp Modules


  • Confirmed date: Wednesday and Thursday, December 16 (1-5pm) and 17 (9am-1pm), 2009
  • Location: 1249 Boylston Street, 2nd floor conference room
  • Tcon Number: (218) 862-1115 Conference ID 348265#


The purpose of this meeting is to coordinate the efforts of the Markup and Annotation project with the development of the fiducial, measurement model, ROI, and LabelDiameterEstimation. Important questions to consider at the meeting are

  • What are similarities and differences between the modules ?
  • How should we proceed with the development of the three modules ? Should they be totally separate, share a basic framework, or be combined to one ?
  • What should be the overall design of the GUI for the three modules?
  • What functionality do we need ? What are specific user scenarios we need to address ?
  • What Qt functionality do we need in Slicer ?
  • Which interaction are inherently 3D and which are best performed on slice views? How to reconcile these in the most logical and productive way.


  • Wednesday - Dec 16th
    • 1:00 Intro: What is the vision of the AIM project (Kilian)
      • A simple user interface such as ClearCanvas
      • A MRML structure that consolidates several existing structures. Furthermore, the structure should be flexible enough to extend to new functionality and work flows
    • 1:15 Demo's
      • Measurement and Fiducial (Nicole) PPT
      • ROI and LabelDiameterEstimation (Andriy, Alex)
      • MarkUp and Annotation (Kilian)
    • 2:15 Annotation and markup widgets in VTK (Karthik)
      • Currently available Annotation and Markup widgets in VTK link.
      • VTK's 3D Widgets in general link
      • VTK widget gallery link
      • Tcon: 1 800 704 9804, code: 718324
      • Presentation via Adobe Connection
    • 2:35 Current State of Qt in Slicer presentation. Julien Finet and Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin.
      • Tcon: 1 800 704 9804, code: 718324
      • Presentation via Adobe Connection
    • 2:55 Break
    • 3:15 Discussion Session:Integrate Modules Into One Coherent User Experience
      • Design overall architecture of the three module - possible [MRML ] structure
      • Create a feature list based on functionality of annotation capabilities of major vendors
      • Create a description of user-experience and target look & feel (current design )
    • 5:00 Happy hour
  • Thursday - Dec 17th
    • 9:00 Programming
    • 12:00 Final Wrap Up over Lunch
    • 1:00 Fly home


Open to all self-declared Slicer developers:

  1. Kilian Pohl
  2. Steve Pieper (by phone on Wednesday afternoon only)
  3. Nicole Aucoin
  4. Andriy Fedorov (Wed only)
  5. Ron Kikinis (Wed only)
  6. Wendy Plesniak
  7. Alex Yarmarkovich (probably Wed)
  8. Julien Finet
  9. Karthik Krishnan
  10. Michael Halle