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Slicer / XND Design and Engineering Planning


  • Confirmed date: Tuesday, December 15 (11-4pm), 2009
  • Location: WUSTL Campus, East Building


The purpose of this meeting is to agree upon an engineering approach and work on interface/interaction design for integrating a future version of XNATDesktop and FileServer into Slicer. The tool is envisioned as an OsiriX-like interface that would be raised when a user selects File->Import ->Load ->Export ->Save from Slicer. It can also operate as a standalone tool, to browse, preview, mark-up remote or local datasets -- and to launch Slicer to view a selected dataset or scene. Issues to consider:


  • Review initial mockups, consider them against engineering practicalities
  • Agree upon "bare-bones" presentation skeleton for functionality (first pass).
  • Collaboration plan for merging design and engineering


  • How to leverage existing XND codes
  • Java QT? -- Jambi?
  • PACS interaction


  • Report on all issues above
  • Propose a timeline to be reviewed by Dan, Steve, Ron


  • When we search for all MRML files, or all MRML files within a project on XNAT, what do we need to know about the returned query results?
    • Ron would like thumbnails generated at scene-Save for the scene as-is and for each scene snapshot.
    • May want to know the data files referenced by the scene file?
    • Do we want to know what the scene tree looks like?
    • want Separate viewer for MRML files? (tree-view like that in Slicer?)
    • useful to have rudimentary DCOM db structure-like catalog in mrml file?
  • We NEED a sensible way for the layout to respond to content types / data formats that admit or do not admit thumbnails and previews.
    • Keep things in the same window (no popups)
    • Don't have empty frames that may lead to confusion (at first glance) that there's an error
    • DICOM files may have thumbnails and previews
    • NRRD files: will they have thumbnails and previews?
    • MRML files: will have thumbnails but no previews.
    • .vtk files: will have no thumbnails and no previews.
    • random associated data -- txt files, etc. no thumbnails and no previews
  • Should XND/fileserver implement SCP/SCU?
    • DICOM listener
    • DICOM query/retrieve

Ron requirements


  • Tues - Dec 15th
    • 11:00-2:00 - Design and Engineering discussion: determine:
      • scope of functionality & rough out compatible GUI skeleton
      • existing functionality we can leverage
      • extisting functionality that can be extended
      • new functionality that should be developed
      • confirm appropriate development tools (for logic & gui)
    • 2:00-3:30 prioritize proposed functionality & timelines
      • determine first-pass implementation goals & fit to timeline
      • rough out design GUI skeleton for first-pass
      • fit all proposed functionality & GUI extensions to timeline
    • 3:30-4:00 - Decide on collaborative work strategy


  • We hope to keep this group small and tight for this first meeting:
  1. Mikhail Milchenko
  2. Wendy Plesniak



Time Line



First really really really rough sketch