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We concluded our first 2-day NAMIC workshop in Boston. All 17 of the registered attendees, including undergraduates, graduate students, research staff and faculty, showed up, were well prepared (had installed ITK and Slicer) and created an active workshop. It felt "very NAMIC" to see various laptop screens around the room filtering using ITK filters, or being spun around using the Slicer.

All presentations are available here.

We hope that we will be able to channel the momentum of the workshop into at least one simple algorithm coded up in NAMIC tools by the AHM in Feb. It is a tall order, but we are going to be optimistic. Luis and Steve have promised full support to any student/researcher who attempts this task. All workshop attendees are on the NAMIC-developers mailing list, and future attendees wil be added as well.

Upcoming Events: Boston (Jan 24-25), San Diego (around Feb 13 -- conjunction with SPIE), AHM (SLC, Feb 22-24).

Thanks to everyone who attended and also to everyone who encouraged their students and staff to attend. We did good!