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This workshop is currently being planned. Please check back here for updates pretty much until the day of the workshop, and based on our experience of the first workshop, even as the workshop is in progress! Tkapur

Venue: Conference Room, UCSD

Goals of workshop

  • To provide hands-on development training in ITK and Slicer to NAMIC participants and their collaborators
  • To establish contact between ITK and Slicer experts and the group of students and developers of the NAMIC community.
  • To obtain feedback on how ITK and Slicer satisfy the needs of the algorithms that are being developed in NAMIC


Day 1

  • 8:30am-12pm: Slicer Overview (Steve Pieper)
  • 12-1pm: lunch
  • 1pm-5pm: (with 30 min break at 3pm) Slicer and ITK (Raul San Jose)
  • 5-5:30pm: wrap up

Day 2

Preparation for Workshop -- Important Information for all attendees

All attendees are required to complete the following items prior to the workshop. Support will be provided as requested.

  • Please install ITK, VTK, and Slicer as soon as possible, preferably on a machine that you will be bringing to the workshop, and definitely before the course.
    • Install VTK [details to follow].
    • Install ITK using the online ITK Tutorial Getting Started I. This tutorial includes how to download, configure and install ITK, as well as how to run the first minimal examples.
    • After installing ITK, download File:ITKExercises.tgz that will be used in the workshop.
    • Install Slicer using the online tutorial Getting Started.

We will be happy to assist anybody who may encounter difficulties in the process. As first point of contact, send an email to the NAMIC-developers mailing list (namic-developers "at" na-mic.org) which will be closely monitored by Luis Ibanez, Steve Pieper and other experts in ITK and Slicer. If everyone has completes these tutorials successfully we will be able to focus on how to focus on showing you how to create applications with ITK and Slicer during the workshop.