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The first NA-MIC Programming Week was successfully concluded on July 1, 2005 at MIT. It recorded 44 attendees who worked actively on 15 projects. A consolidated summary of all projects is available here as a ppt.

Link to actual Programming Week Event, MIT Summer, 2005

Submissions to Insight Journal

  1. A Quantitative DTI Fiber Tract Analysis Suite
  2. Knowledge-Based Segmentation of Brain MRI Scans Using the Insight Toolkit
  3. Tetrahedral mesh generation for medical imaging
  4. Comparison of Salient Point Detection Methods for 3D Medical Images

One-Slide Summary from Programming Week Projects


  1. Non Rigid EPI Registration Powerpoint: Source in Sandbox
  2. Quantitative Fiber Tract Analysis Powerpoint: Source in Sandbox, some code incorporated into FiberViewer
  3. Rule-based DLPFC Segmentation Powerpoint: Source in Sandbox

Algorithms/Algorithm Infrastructure

  1. 3D Adaptive Tetrahedral Mesh Generation in ITK: Source in sandbox
  2. 2D/3D Point-Landmark Detection
  3. Shape Description: Source code in sandbox, submission to insight journal soon, some visualization code incorporated back into SOViewer
  4. Shape Analysis: Not yet in coding stage
  5. Bayesian Segmentation: Source in ITK CVS repository and NAMIC SandBox
  6. Flux Diffusion

Software Infrastructure

  1. ITKu| Software Infrastructure: ITKu: Source in sourceforge teem repository (itku module: co itku)
  2. Software Infrastructure: NRRD IO
  3. Software Infrastructure: Slicer DTMRI Nightly Testing
  4. Software Infrastructure: LONI Pipeline Integration of UNC Shape Analysis Pipeline: LONI example pipelines in Sandbox
  5. Software Infrastructure: Large Scale Algorithm Job Submission via Condor
  6. Slicer 3.0 Architecture Kickoff

Additional NA-MIC Engineering Interactions / Benefits

  • Registration
    • Linear and Non-Linear vtkITK Registration Modules Now Available in Slicer
  • I/O
    • vtkITK based Generic Readers in Slicer
    • vtkNRRDReader handles measurement frames, space directions, gradients for DWI
  • fMRI
    • ITK Statistics framework underway
  • Editor
    • Collaboration with Simbios NCBC at Stanford to adapt Slicer Editor for Musculoskeletal MRI