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Modules and pipeline for shape representation, shape analysis, and visualization of shape statistics


We want to develop tools for shape representation and statistical shape analysis. Individual modules need to be combined into pipelines for efficient processing of large number of shapes. Scientific visualizing will be needed for verification and for a display of the final results. The entities to be visualized could be distance maps, difference fields, p-value maps, covariance ellipsoid fields, effect size maps, etc.


  • Binary object segmentations
  • Surfaces (most probably spatial objects)

Processing Modules:

  • voxel-to-mesh conversion (ITK spatial objects)
  • mesh-to-voxel conversion (ITK spatial objects)
  • surface parametrization (area preserving mapping)
  • Point distribution models (PDM)
  • Alignment of objects (Procrustes)
  • Calculation of distance metrics (e.g. surface distance metric)
  • Global and local statistics
  • Visualization of shape statistics: Entities to be visualized (could be scalar maps, vector fields, tensor fields etc)

Prototype of Shape Processing Pipeline:

  • Integration of test modules into Loni Pipeline, this is done in a separate project (collaboration with Michael UCLA)


  • Quantitative and qualitative (visualization) result of shape statistics

Tentative Design

Overview, sample usage scenario and class interrelationships can be found here. visualObjects.png


  • Ipek Oguz (UNC-CH)
  • Christine Xu (UNC-CH)
  • Martin Styner (UNC-CH)
  • Jim Miller (GE Research)


Surface visualizations, surface parameterization, SPHARM, PDM models, alignment, correspondance, statistical analysis