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  • Slicer3: all day thursday Feb 23
  • GPU Programming: morning Feb 24
  • Location: At the Hotel
  • Hotel: Comfort Suites (see at 7 Northside Drive, Clifton Park, NY 12065 phone 518-373-2255.

The Comfort Suites has a block of rooms being held for the nights of Feb 22 and 23. Please confirm, by name, who's coming so we can get actual confirmations. The do serve breakfast. We also have a conference room (The Florentine Room) reserved for the 23rd and 24th for your meetings.

If you are calling to make your own reservations at the hotel - please let me know this also - so I can be sure we do have enough rooms.

Thank you, Donna Kochis Office Manager Kitware, Inc. 28 Corporate Drive Clifton Park, NY 12065 USA 518-371-3971 ext 100


Thursday: Slicer3

Start at 8:30am with review of the skeleton architecture currently in svn.

Work groups to form around the following topics:

Friday GPU

  • At the hotel conference room
  • Starting at 8:30
  • Bring a laptop with the cvs head of vtk and the Cg shader support installed


  • Kitware
    • Will Schroeder
    • Sebatien Barre
    • Luis Ibanez
    • Andy Cedilnik
    • Yogi Girdhar (Friday)
    • Utkarsh Ayachit (Friday)
  • BWH
    • Steve Pieper
    • Wendy Plesniak
    • Nicole Aucoin
    • Katie Hayes
    • Haiying Liu
    • Alex Yarmarkovich
    • Eigil Samset
  • GE
    • Bill Lorensen
    • Jim Miller
    • Xaodong Tao
    • Sean McInerney (Friday)
  • NWU
    • Thomas Lechner

For the GPU Programming

To test if Cg shaders can be run on your machine:

1) Download and install Cg library from

2) Build VTK with VTK_USE_CG_SHADERS option turned ON.

3) run test TestCgShader using ctest -R TestCgShader

If the test succeeds, Cg profile is available for your card.

Another useful utility for learning about shaders: