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Every Week: Review the NA-MIC To Do List


Dan, Jim, Brendan, Xiaodong, Jags, Andy, Luis, Will, Mathieu, Tina, Katie, Nicole, Mike H, Steve


  • Discussed Slicer 3.0 Alpha Plans .
  • Andy has created an svn repository, and will start with VTK/ITK.
  • Directory structure: the last word on it (for today) was that Steve and Wendy will create some diagrams that show how the modules will be structured and the logic for the slicer application, and then the team will look at it to decide directory structure.
  • A february meeting is planned in Boston between Kitware and BWH for this?
  • Mike H will put out the MRML reader he has been working on next week.
  • Mathieu is working on ???
  • Jags is working on ???
  • Brendan is working on putting JSON-module-to-slicer-and-vice-versa implementation (specific to grid-interface) on the wiki
  • Didn't get to wiki update.