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Every Week: Review the NA-MIC To Do List

Attendees: Dan, Tina, Bill, Mike, Jags, Brendan, Wendy, Nicole, John, Xiaodong, Jim, Steve, Raul, Ipek, Dennis, Martin, Ron, Sonia, Luis


  • Tina: preliminary date for next programming week July 10 at MIT.
  • SLC programming week update:
    • Luis (project 1): In progress. Code in SandBox.
    • John (project 2): completed programming smoothing filter, but not quite affine invariant. Numerics is more complicated than it is expected.
    • John (project 3): developed a simple Slicer style GUI, Bayesian segmentation is completed and incorporated in slicer.
    • Nicole (project 6.2): Updated with new Slicer password request page, and new slicer bug tracker.
    • Mike (project 6.4): space manager using MRML. python prototype works well. is testing the prototype.
    • Wendy (project 6.5): Wendy had some good experience with KWWidgets, worked on new GUI for Slicer.
    • Brendan/Dan (project 6.7): Grid integration, slicer/pipeline/grid
    • Xiaodong (project 7): Updated on angular smoothing interpolation of DW images. Now working on DWI image registration.
    • Ipek (project 10): Ipek's visualization tools using KWWidgets. Ipek has some good experience with KWWidgets.
    • Raul (project 12): Updated the framework for commandline interface for ITK, which simplifies the process to develop plugins.
    • Jags (Project 14): shape analysis + loni pipeline work now. will update when results are available
    • Dennis (project 15): fulfilled programming week goal. Completed BSpline deformable registration of EPI and T1 and got satisfactory results. Good example of collaboration with people external to NA-MIC (Vince gave some advises that were important to make things work).
    • Sonia (project 16): Update Time-Series Navigation for fMRI analysis. Working on a tutorial.
  • Bill (conversation with Ross): find a few hit applications that can be put into Slicer quickly and be used in DBPs. For example, Dave Tuch's brain connectivity, Q-Ball, and UNC's spherical harmonics.
  • Tina: next year's AHM in the week of Jan. 8.