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This is our first weekly engineering TCON.


  • Image Orientation Update (Bill L)
  • Dart 2 Update (Dan)
  • Octave/MATLAB Interface from VTK/ITK (Steve)
  • NRRD library (Steve)
    • reading DWI/tensors files
    • eddy current correction and other utils
    • lgpl issues
  • Adoption of systems to facilitate communications (Ron and Steve)
  • SRB Tunneling
  • Who will be able to attend our week long "programmers retreat" in summer (where core 1 students/researchers work with core 2 to finish up their ITK/Slicer contributions for Yr1)? Location TBD between Niskayuna and Boston. Time TBD but please give your constraints. (Tina, except I won't be able to attend the TCON this time, so if you could please leave the info here. Thanks.)
    • Pipeline v3 beta will be released by then... does this retreat include Pipeline?

Meeting notes (Dan B.)

Attendees: Michael Pan, Bill Lorensen, Xiaodong Tao, Dan Blezek, Jim Miller, Andy Cedlnik, Luis Ibanez, Jeffrey Grethe, Steve Pieper

Image Orientation Update (Bill L.)

  • Embed orientation in itkImage, rather than in the application
  • Discussion was carried out on the ITK Wiki
  • Not used by default in registration
  • Need to modify readers to populate Orientation, DICOM is finished, NRRD remains to be done

Dart2/ctest update (Dan B., Andy C.)

  • ctest supports submissions to Dart2, support will be added to submit to multiple dashboards
    • Will refactor ctest to get global parameters from project source code, rather than from CMake/Dart tcl client
  • Game plan:
    • Setup Dart2 for a given dashboard
    • Validate Dart2 against Dart to verify submissions are complete
    • Setup Freesurfer and BIRN by 5/05, rather than have them use Dart
    • Announce Dart2 to lists at same time

Octave/MATLAB interface (Steve P.)

  • Would like to call Matlab .m scripts on a selected volume from Slicer
    • Need to define a consistent interface in the .m, and a standard reader/writer in Matlab
    • Matlab is licensed software, and Octave is gpl

NRRD library (Steve P.)

  • Would like to use unu utilities for some DTI processing
  • LGPL
    • Is LGPL NAMIC compatable?
    • Not possible to get a legal position, as there is no prior rulings
  • Need to assemble a list of licenses used in NAMIC, need volunteer

Document sharing (Steve P.)

  • VNC is a good choice, have had a lot of experience with it, can tunnel through GE's firewall
  • Skype is not possible, as it's prohibited by GE

Lightweight process tools (Bill L.)

  • Need to look into tools

Programmer's retreat (Bill L., Steve P.)

  • Niskayuna is not best choice, due to logistics
  • Logistics of Boston may be better
  • Where to hold? @ BWH or in a hotel?
  • Pipeline v3 should be ready by June '05 to be released

SRB Tunneling (Jeff G., Dan B.)

  • Need to coordinate with Jason to get SRB tunnelling machine at GE
  • Dan to follow up with Jason / Jeff / Steve