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People in attendance (please add your name): John Melonakos (GA Tech), Dave Channin (Northwestern), Steve Pieper (Isomics)), Jags (UCLA), Tina Kapur (Epiphany), Wendy Plesniak (BWH), Casey Goodlett (UNC), Ipek Oguz (UNC), Haiying Lui (BWH), Vince Magnotta (UIowa), Jim Miller (GE), Bill Lorensen (GE), Ron Kikinis (BWH), Kilian Pohl (BWH), Eduardo Suarez (Canary Islands), Mathieu M. (Kitware), Luis Ibanez (Kitware), Pat Mongkolwat (Northwestern)


  • Dave Channin presentation of the Radiology Slicer at engr tcon early mid May 11.
    • May 11th is first choice, May 18th is the second choice
  • Project Week Discussion
    • Introduction by Tina
    • Starts Monday afternoon - Ends Friday afternoon
    • Genetics tutorial to be offered by the Toronto group
    • Project Discussion:
      • UNC (Casey) - DTI Registration (different patients, linear and nonlinear), Tractography.
        • collaboration with Utah (Tom) and Steve Pieper for slicer3 integration
      • UNC (Ipek) - Shape correspondence methods - port Martin's work to ITK.
      • GT (John) - DWI Tractography to ITK, Addition of Delphine's work to the NA-MIC kit.
      • SPL (Haiying) - IGT integration with Slicer.
      • Northwestern (Dave) - Pat and Tom will be attending. Goal: Create a workstation to be deployed in clinical and in research settings. Gives radiologists access to the latest and greatest algorithms. For project week, take existing functionality from NA-MIC tool code base and adapt for this workstation.
      • MIT (Kilian) - Continuance of work from the Half-Project Week in January. Looking at applications for skull-stripping (applications on Dartmouth data).
      • Iowa (Vince) - Mesh generation work. Command line tools. To work on: Refine context surface mesh.
      • Canary Islands (Eduardo) - Work on VTK PACS Module.

Proposed Agenda

  • Project Week Discussion - all cores have been invited for this. We'll go over
    • introduction of participants (especially of the new ones)
    • what projects people want to do
    • questions
  • Scheduling Dave Channin presentation of the Radiology Slicer at engr tcon early mid May -4, 11, 18?