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The dial-in number for this call (Wednesday April 27th, 9 am PDT [noon EDT]) was sent out in email.

The agenda will be a continuation from the first call (notes on the Wiki page at April 20, 2005 12pm EST Grid Infrastructure TCON). The agenda will be to:

  1. Review action items...
    1. Distributed computing resources available for retreat (BIRN, OptiPuter, ...)
    2. grid enabled loaner machines from sun for programmers' retreat
  2. Further discussions on architecture for communication with distributed resources - e.g.
    1. does the client connect directly to the resource and how does the client get the module information;
    2. does the server connect and how does authentication get passed through - this touches on issues related to
      1. authentication
      2. resource discovery
  3. New action items...


Attendees: Jason Gerk, Jeff Grethe, Michael Pan, Steve Pieper, Jagadeeswaran Rajendiran

  1. Report from previous action items
    1. BIRN compute resources: Both the BIRN cluster and a cluster from Phil P.'s group (Rockstar) should be available for the retreat for large scale job submission through Condor
    2. UCLA: Has contacted Sun, Sun will provide some local resources for a LONI server environement. Michael has a contact at BWH to work on coordinating this. it was suggested that SUN deliver the servers configured to make install of the LONI server environment a simpler process.
  2. Architecture of LONI environment as it relates to external compute engines (e.g. Sun Grid Engine, Condor)
    1. For SGE: LONI server sits on the SGE submission node. The SGE server provides the modules.jar information to update client about what applications are available
    2. For other environments, this model can be duplicated.
    3. One question to be discussed at the next meeting will be the integration of PKI authentication (use of proxies, such as in BIRN) to authenticate to remote services such as condor or globus
  3. SRB intergration with the LONI environment
    1. The SRB protocol is to be integrated just as a file type for data input. This is currently in testing but should be available for the retreat.
  4. Action Items
    1. Continue to follow up on the compute environments for the programmer's retreat
    2. Next call: Wednesday May 11th (9am PDT; noon EDT) - two weeks from this call