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Mike, Jeff, Xiaodong, Bill, Steve, Ron, Tina, Will, Rick, Luis, Jim, Alex, Andy


  • Annual progress report is due this week.
  • Registration
    • Steven and Alex proposed a registration framework to fill the gap between the flexibility on the ITK side and modality/problem specificity on the application side. The ITK flexibility makes the registration more versatile, and the modality specificity provides better-tuned parameters and more sensible combinations of metric/transform/optimizer for common registration problems. Registration can be hooked up with vtk for visualization, etc. The framework may have different levels. On the lower level, it enjoys the itk flexibility. On the higher level, TCL code or helper classes can be used to provide "best" recipes for given problems.
    • Jim and Bill pointed out that many ITK examples could be converted to more specific recipes for specific modalities and certain registration problems (in addition to serving as illustration for ITK). May need a clinical/medical_recipe directory to host these codes.
    • Implementation details: whether to template over metric/transform/optimizer; use of vtk transforms, which are capable of resampling volumes as well as transforming coordinates (polygons, unstructured grids, etc.).
    • Need to contact people with expertise in modality-specific registration.
  • Diffusion Tensor
    • Luis has checked in code for Diffusion Tensor. The numerical part (eigensystem computation) is done using netlib, which is not multi-thread safe.
    • Tensor image registration: Jim talked about the tensor similarity metric. Details on Wiki page of last TCon.
    • Tina mentioned that the algorithm core people want to convene and discuss DTI issues some time soon. Would be nice to have Core 2 people participate.
  • Programming Week Update
    • Hotel information coming next week.
  • Wiki update
    • MediaWiki 1.5Alpha released. New features include email notification of changes and different access permission levels for different groups.