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  • Updates to programming week projects (Tina, Jim, Xiaodong,...)
  • Possible tutorial at ISMRM in 2006 (Dan, Tina) [1]
  • FYI on cross-center software activities (Tina) [2]


  • Rick Avila (Kitware)
  • Dan Blezek (GE)
  • Jim Miller (GE)
  • Xiaodong Tao (GE)
  • Luis Ibanez (Kitware)
  • Andy Cedilnik (Kitware)
  • Will Schroeder (Kitware)
  • Tina Kapur (Epiphany Medical)
  • Michael Pan (UCLA LONI)
  • Jason Gerk (UCSD)
  • Jagadeeswaran Rajendiran or Jags (UCLA LONI)


  • Dave Tuch & C-F Westin have a math-oriented workshop on the Monday morning of the Programmer's week
  • ISMRM has a strong DTI / DW / tractography focus, ripe for NAMIC dissemation
  • Tina gave update on cross-center software activities, Bill has been participating
  • NAMIC is already participating in cross-center activities with CCB and Simbios, which is an all-round (around?) win.
  • DTI validation was brought up at ISMRM w/Greg Sorensen, Tina / Dan will follow-up with Ron
  • Slicer 3 discussion
    • Adopting client-server a la Paraview
    • Which toolkit / language to use? Paraview, Swing, SWT, JFace, FLTK, Qt, ??
    • Need to keep an eye on scripting languages bundled in
    • Would like to be able to revamp GUI regularly to "modernize" the look and feel
    • GUI is critical to acceptance by the clinicians, our tools need to be good.