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  • Welcome back to Bill Lorensen
  • Administrivia ( Bill, et. al. )
  • Updates to programming week projects (Tina, Jim, Xiaodong,...)
  • Data management system for population studies ( Dan, Jim )
  • Pipeline has a new build v3.0.alpha3.3
    • mike is unavailable to attend the tcon today,


  • Bill Lorensen
  • Dan Blezek
  • Jim Miller
  • Rick Avila
  • Luis Ibanez
  • Andy Cedilnik
  • Jason Gerk
  • Jagadeeswaran Rajendiran (Jags)


  • Update by Jim on the project with Martin Styner at UNC for modeling populations of shapes .
    • Find an object among a set.
    • Decompose an object shaphe on sub-parts.
    • Identify when there are differences that are statistically significant.
    • Proposed to implement a set of command line tools. Using the LONI pipeline for this purpose.
      • How to involve DataBase management ?
      • Facilitates to perform nightly regression testing on real data.
  • LONI Pipeline new release
    • Jim reported some problems while running this new version.
    • Jim will get help from the LONI team.
  • Update by Andy on CVS access to ITK
    • New rules and mechanisms for maintaining the list of developers with names and emails.
    • New password for rolling up the ITK Dashboard.
  • Book recomendations from GE
  • ITK update
    • adding support for images of pixel type std::complex<>
    • now supporting reading and writing of complex images.