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  • Administrivia ( Bill, et. al. )
  • Updates to programming week projects (Tina, Jim, Xiaodong,...)
  • Dartmouth Dissemination Event reportout (Tina)
  • Early pipeline feedback (Bill, Jim)
  • Dart 2/Ctest Update (Dan, Andy)
  • Registration Example for Grid Testing (Steve)
  • Open Line


  • Rick Avila
  • Dan Blezek
  • Andy Cedilnik
  • Jason Gerk
  • Tina Kapur
  • Bill Lorensen
  • Jim Miller
  • Will Schroeder
  • Xiaodong Tao
  • Michael Pan
  • Steve Pieper

Updates to programming week projects

  • Some projects with no Core 2 members

Dartmouth Dissemination Event

  • Becoming training events instead of dissemination event
  • 40 first time users
  • Windows and Mac users
  • Live demo on the second screen
  • NIfTI file format (extension to Analize)
  • Slicer leader in Visualization and Registration for FMRI


  • Idea for the programmer's week: use projector with VNC to display user's screen
  • Implement NIfTY reader for ITK and/or VTK
  • Add suggestions to Slicer Bugtracker

Early pipeline feedback

  • Problem with class path on Windows and issues with Java 1.5
  • Will be packaged as an executable
  • Will make GUI more intuitive
  • There is updated JAR
  • Learning terminology
  • License questions about redestributing on Wiki
  • Problem with J-Graph license
  • Package everything into a single JAR file
  • Solve absolute path problem by packaging software with modules
  • Idea: Have CMake generate modules

Dart 2 / CTest Update

  • New XML-RPC server (not GPL and more compliant)
  • 2 dashboards on NA-MIC (Insight/CMake)
  • Andy will setup Dart1 to Dart2 proxy
  • Use dart for test performance of the systems
  • Display more historical information

Registration Example for Grid Testing

Open Line

  • Formaly organize scheduled times for working groups on Programmer's Week