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Agenda: Programming Week. Programming Week Participants: If you would like some airtime at this tcon, please add your name and the topic you would like to discuss here.

  • We need someone who is knowledgeable about QT/FLTK to talk about what we will need to do in Slicer 3.0 to provide intra-operability with these toolkits.
  • Please note if you will be attending this dinner: [1]

Attendees: 22 people (please add your name if it's missing)

Tina Kapur, Luis Ibanez, Martin Styner, Ipek Oguz, Casey Goodlett, Xiadong Tao, Isabelle Corouge, Tom Fletcher, Jim Miller, Steve Pieper, Sonia Pujol, Lauren O'Donnell, Katie Hayes, Michael Pan, Jason Gerk, Josh Snyder, Simon Warfield, Jeff Grethe, John Melonakos.



  • Open source workshop in conjunction with Miccai. Everyone is encouraged to submit a 3-5 pages describing open source software. Deadline for submission is July 31, 2005. For more details: [2]
  • Tuesday night: dinner in addition to licensing discussion. Please visit [3] if you want to attend dinner. To prepare licensing discussion, please see [4] and [5].

Slicer 3.0 and intra-operability with Qt/FLTK toolkits

  • Discussion intra-operability, compatiblity issues. What intraoperability needs to be?
  • Need of someone knowledgeable about Qt/FLTK and Slicer. Isabelle was suggested but she is not an expert with FLTK and Slicer.
  • Goals:
    • Defines "intraoperability"
    • Reusability
    • Provide a most shareable version of the source code
    • Modules
  • Suggestions:
    • GUI/batch processing
    • GUI agnostic manner, abstract user interface. "Everyone" could develop his/her own GUI with his/her favorite toolkit (Qt, Tk, ...)
    • Great requirement: generic plug-in capability
  • Questions:
    • What should be embedded into Slicer?
    • Recommended way of doing things versus hard lines ?
    • Need of concrete examples

Next week: concrete meeting. Discuss and decide how ambitious the whole project can be.

ParaView discussion

Idea: MPI to distribute VTK jobs.


Simon's questions: logistics: what kind of support for NAMIC people? How to check-in code in the sandbox? Integrate before committing?

Project: ITK registration for image guided neurosurgery. Problem with getting robust results. Would need help about ITK registration algorithms hierarchy. Luis suggests to bring the data set and figure this out during the programming week.

Lauren: project = test code for DTI module. Would need help with VTK-testing. Andy is suggested.

Sonia: New template documentation page [6]. Will be discussed during the week.