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  • Programming week follow up. All project pages and 3-blocks will be updated. 5-minute update from each project team.
  • Update on programming half-week in conjunction with AHM 2006, SLC, Utah (Jan 11-12-13).
  • Command line processors
  • Questions/Comments regarding Open Source Workshop in conjunction with MICCAI, 2005 (October 30th)


(please add your name if it is missing)

Bill, Tina, Dan, Steve, Casey, Luis, Andy, Xiaodong, Nicole, Ron, Gordon, Raul, John, Isabelle, Martin, Jeff, Jason


  1. Ron/Tina: People need to finalize the pages for the projects during programmer’s week by the end of August.
  2. Ron: Second all-hands-meeting, Jan. 2006. Please make suggestions for the topics.
  3. Programmer’s week followup:
    1. Gordon (7.10). Updated status on NrrdIO. New NrrdIO (NRRD0005) code has been checked in to itk. It parses “measurement frame” fields and stores the information in a MetaDictionary. The image orientation information can be mapped between Nrrd and ITK.
    2. Raul (7.9). Updated on ITKu, the collection command line tools using ITK. Code will be checked in to NAMIC sandbox.
    3. Casey/Xiaodong (7.2). Updated the quantitative fiber analysis project. Developed conversion tools between UNC and Slicer fiber formats. Developed normalized cut fiber clustering code in ITK. All codes are checked in to the sandbox.
    4. John (7.5). Updated on the Bayesian Segmentation project. Code for Bayesian classification is in Sandbox. ITK gained publicity among GaTech people.
    5. John (7.7). Updated on the DLPFC Semi-Automatic Segmentor project.
    6. Steve (8). Updated on Slicer 3.0 architecture. NAMIC needs to allocate resource to develop better interactive tools for medical image analysis.
  4. Other.
    1. SVN does commit check, and behaves oddly on windows.
    2. UNC/GT collaboration event on shape and DTI.