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  • Final programming week 3-block slides from each project (Tina)
  • Dart II Update (Dan)
  • ITK Release 2.2 Update (Bill)
  • Insight Journal Update (Luis)
  • Tensor registration and multiple inheritane (Alex Y.)
  • Slicer Paper (Katie)


Tina Kapur, Steve Pieper, Katie Hayes, Bill Lorensen, Dan Blezek, Jeff Grethe, Alex Yarmarkovich, Mike Ajag, Rick Avila, Luis Ibanez, Andinet Enquobahrie


  • Katie would like more feedback from folks on the slicer paper.
  • Programming Week (Tina)
    • All core 2 sponsors should have their 3 blocks updated in the next few days.
  • DART2 (Dan)
    • Dan and Jim put in parsing and handling of coverage information
    • It handles valgrind and purify errors as well
  • ITK release 2.2 (Bill)
    • Monday we are freezing, fix warnings and failing tests by 4 people with access
    • Improvements
      • Much better read / write dicom support
      • Handling orientation of images pretty well now
      • Tensor pixel
      • Variable length vectors and statistics
      • Neural net code
      • Color registration framework by Jeff Dudda did not make it in.
      • Bill has a list of all added classes and tests
      • The new software guide is currently 819 pages long
  • Insight Journal (Luis)
    • 37 papers received
    • Luis explained the review methods and process
    • Authors can remove their papers
    • All papers submitted on or before august 3 are available in google
  • Tensor Registration (Alex)
    • Working on registration in slicer using ITK
    • Have rigid and affine methods, next is step is deformable methods and tensor to tensor registration
    • We need new tensor metrics and interpolators in ITK
  • Steve described Colinux, which is free and faster than VMware