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  • Who all will present programming week projects at next week's "update core 3" tcon? (Tina)
  • fmri discussion added to Sept 27th meeting in Boston (Tina)
  • Reminder of Insight Journal reviews to be completed by September 15th (Luis)
  • namic needs for itk releases (Steve and Gordon)
    • switch to itkVectorImage for dwi
    • expose data type and orientation info in vtkITKArchtypeImageSeriesReader

Attendees: Mike Pan, Jags, Xiaodong Tao, Bill Lorensen, Steve Piper, Dan Blezek, Tina Kapur


  • September meeting with Core 3
    • Topics to be discussed during next week's tcon
    • Hope to get reviews of other packages to identify features for Slicer
    • Present overview of Algorithms, Applications, Slicer features, Software Architecture
  • Migration of Matlab based DTI algorithms to ITK
  • Tina to remind about Insight Journal reviews
  • ITK Release needs for NAMIC
    • Considering quarterly releases with predefined dates
    • Steve to change vtkITKArchtypeImageSeriesReader
  • Dart 0.5 release upcoming