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  • New NA-MIC Engineer at UCSD Brendan Faherty (Jeff)
  • Non-linear registration in ITK - Alex Cuhna at UCLA and Alex Yarmarkovich at BWH are both working on this and have questions.
  • Input on Agenda for EPFL course (Steve, Luis)
  • Dart / Cruise Control Integration (Dan)
  • MICCAI Open Source workshop update (Tina)
  • NAMIC Kit - definition and policy in time for MICCAI Open Source workshop (Tina)


Dan, Bill, Tina, Xiaodong, Ron, Steve, Jeff, Brendan, Andy, Michael


  • Brendan Faherty recently joined UCSD and will be working on NAMIC.
  • Steve: non-linear registration. Need to find a non-linear registration method within ITK that works well on 3D images.
  • Bill/Ron: opportunities in ontology research and atlas research.
  • Dan: Dart testing. Cruise Control is a ctest written for Java. Set up a dashboard for Dart. Benefit of Cruise Control is that it integrates with ant and junit. Good for Java people. Cruise Control does not work with c++. UCLA will try both.
  • Tina: updated MICCAI open source workshop. 11 papers out of 37 submissions will be presented.
  • Tina: NAMIC Kit presentation at MICCAI workshop. Licensing issue concerning QT. Dan mentioned QT 4.0 can be used without paying license fee if application uses GPL.
  • InsightJournal, any code submitted to IJ with a paper will be automatically checked into a repository, built, and created a dashboard for.