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Agenda for Joint Algorithms-Engineering TCON

Meeting Notes

Core 1 Updates

  • Martin - Shape Analysis implementation in ITK
  • Casey - DTI tools are available
  • Polina - Shape analysis has closed loop with Martin
  • Polina - DTI Lauren clustering code in Slicer
  • Killian - Code nearly ready for slicer
  • Ross - DTI statistics work in Riemannian framework with Martha Shenton
  • Ross - Integrated ITK tools with Riemannian metrics
  • Ross - Tolga's MRI Segmentation algorithm in ITK
  • Delphine - Work w/ Jim Fallon on semi-automatic segmentation in Slicer
  • John - Bayesian classifier module in ITK
  • Dave - Optimal path finder working with core 3

Ross's Comments:

  1. How should students check material into NA-MIC
    • Bill Lorenson - Use Insight Journal as filter for submission into ITK
  2. Consolidation of EM type classifiers for brain tissue

Delphine: page in wiki for na-mic publication list

Core 2 Updates

  • Bill Lorenson
    • Slicer 3.0 Design
    • Open-Source workshop was a success
  • Dan - Dart2 development; stable platform for regression testing (needs email notification - by end of year)
  • Andy - CMake supports more generators (Mac KDevelop); increased parallelization of Makefiles; CTest more automated; CPack cross-platform packaging utility
  • Jags - Integrate SRB into LONI pipeline
  • Brendan - Next release of BIRN Portal; CONDOR
  • Steve - Slicer 3 Architecture - Algorithm and platform development workflow

Discussion of possible workshop/tutorial ideas on Sunday before all-hands meeting.

Programming half-week project ideas should be put on wiki