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Attendees: Micole, Brad D, Steve, Tina, Kilian, Andy, Will, Jim, Luis, Jeff, Neil, Dennis, Wendy, Katie, John M, Delphine, Yi, Joe Hennesey, Jags.


We discussed the projects the attendees are planning to pursue at the event:

  1. Spherical Wavelet filter (delphine, yi)
  2. scripts to run UNC shape analysis (delphine, Martin)
  3. Tractography(John, Luis)
  4. Grid Execution (Neil, Bill, Jim)
  5. EMSegmenter Software Development(Kilian, Brad)
  6. SVM Shape Analysis (Brad,Polina, Martin)
  7. EMSegmenter for UNM use (Kilian, ?)
  8. ITK for deformable registration(Stephen, Jim, Ross)
  9. Driving problem for Deformable registration - Congealing with B-spline(Lilla, Stephen)
  10. Driving problem for Deformable registration - ? (Kilian, Stephen)
  11. Tractography in Slicer3 (Lauren, Raul)
  12. ITK implementation of POIStat, and Integration into Slicer3 (Dennis, Steve)
  13. Image Format issues in application of POIStats to Dartmouth data (Dennis, Steve, Luis, John West, Andy Saykin)