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  • Algorithms updates (20 min, if needed)
  • Planning teleconferences for 2006: please indicate availability here
  • Engineering topics (20 min)
  • Programming Week Projects (20 min)


  • Dan Blezek (GE)
  • Bill Loresen (GE)
  • Tina Kapur (BWH)
  • Steve Pieper (Isomics)
  • John Melonakos (Georgia Tech)
  • Mike Halle (BWH)
  • Luis Ibanez (Kitware)
  • Paulina Goland
  • Andy Cedilnik (Kitware)
  • Jim Miller (GE)
  • Brendan Faherty (UCSD)
  • Jags Rajendiran (UCLA)


  • Algorithms update
    • *** Rule based segmentation, validation from Jim Fallon
      • Slicer integrated rule based segmentation
    • John had "nano-programming" week at Kitware
      • First integration from 1st programming week into ITK
      • Went through Insight Journal submission process
    • Several groups working on Shape analysis (Polina)
      • Work has been going on to allow shape descripters to be plugged into pipeline
      • Martin is making a LONI pipeline for shape analysis
  • Engineering updates
    • ITK propability distribution updates (Jim)
      • Integrated into sandbox, slicer integration
    • Andy to branch NAMIC Sandbox in subversion tomorrow
      • Directions will be mailed out after the switch over
    • Teem is CMake-ified and being used in Slicer
    • Killian was able to switch to ITK's optimizers

  • Note special tcon's for '06
  • ITK expert need for anisotropic diffusion project
    • Jim volunteered
  • Can we use a bug tracker to track issues in addition to bugs
    • Perhaps use a Wiki ToDo list