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Attendees: Jags, Mike Pan, Tina, Steve, Jim Miller, Ron, Andy, Luis, Brendan.

  • Random discussion of slicer build for release, ITK/VTK, network bandwidth questions about
  • KWWidgets Update (Ron) -- Eigil is testing out kwwidgets with a small standalone application. has some history of the questions that have come up. Nothing critical yet, but we will keep in contact with Eigil for user feedback.
  • All Hands Meeting prep discussion. See schedule on wiki.
    • LONI Pipeline tutorial may move to Tuesday.
    • Also need to have a slicer 2.6 workshop.
    • Some scheduling details still need to be worked out.
  • Ron reports: Mick Ackerman is now NA-MIC Lead Science Officer replacing Karen Skinner who is now program officer for one of the new NCBCs.