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Isomics Overall Goals for namic years 7-10:

  • Support DBPs and collaborations

  • "Finish" slicer4 Core
    • Fast, usable, base for extension development
    • Easily extended (C++, Python, WebKit/JavaScript)
      • Logical extension workflow interfaces
      • Bundles of extensions to support topic areas
    • Flexible data I/O and solid MRML representation
    • Customized visualization and annotation for medical imaging
      • longitudinal, cross-subject, multi-modal, interactive...
      • clean interfaces

  • Coding goals
    • Move everything non-core to extensions
    • Have the Core be well documented, tested, modular, etc...
    • Everything script accessible for extension and debugging
    • Put much of the general purpose code in CTK
    • Develop topic branches to fix toolkits rather than workarounds in slicer code
    • Improve communication among distributed developer team (how?)
    • State of the Art Look and Feel
      • GPU rendering and analysis
      • Publication quality rendering
      • Nice looking, smooth interaction

  • Strong DICOM support
    • dcmtk networking (track ITKv4)
    • local storage that represents image acquisition (Not an abstract image type that throws away all the metadata - rather a rich representation that is perhaps only partly specified for non-dicom types.).
    • ctkDICOM GUI
    • DICOM RT I/O