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Near-term schedule (Dec 10th-ish)


Factory Machine

  • Setup factory machine
    • Being delivered by Jim on Friday
  • Install virtual machines
  • Backup
  • SSH access for Steve
  • CDash@Home Clients

Dashboard Update


  • Single webpage for MIDAS data upload
  • MIDAS hosts testing data
    • Demo on BrainsFIT data


  • clean uninstall


  • Update wikis

Future (Wish-List)

Workflows and Widgets

  • External modules in workflows and widgets
    • Interactive segmentation algorithms are key


  • Searchable index for external modules and their documentation from within Slicer
  • Documentation generated per module


  • Mac build as a real Mac application instead of as a Linux style bin/lib pair of directories thrown into a tarball.
    • Follow ParaView example
  • Windows dlls into one dir
  • User and developer packages

Promote extension development

Simplify testing

  • GUI Testing
  • Establish system (with man-in-the-middle) for developers to send modules to factory machines
    • Use for projects to be grouped with Slicer
    • Developer initiates continuous builds of git branches and gets branch-specific dashboards

Verify modules prior to moving into Slicer

  • Fetch modules from NITRC for nightly building
  • Round-robin or build-when-changes schemes for CDash

Support distribution of modules

  • Fetch build results (execs and dlls) from blessed dashboard machines
    • Package for Linux?

Batch Processing (optional)

  • BatchMake with Slicer via WebKit
  • Simplify Condor installation
  • MIDAS hosts testing results (covalic)
  • Scripting Slicer GUI (record and playback -> Batch processing)
  • Kill/monitor threads spawned by processes / CLI


  • Volume rendering
  • GPU Algorithms
  • Simultaneous GPU algorithms and volume rendering


  • MIDAScpp as an ITK IO Method