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Roadtrip to Japan

  • April 25: Presentation at Shiga University of Medical Sciences (Prof. Morikawa), Ōtsu, Shiga Prefecture, Japan,
    • Approximately 50 audience. Half of the participants were Engineering professors and their students from nearby Ritsumeikan University. Two engineering professor decided to attend the workshop in Hiroshima after the talk. Shiga university has been operating MR/T (0.5T open-configuration MRI scanner, and has an interest to install new IGT theater similar to AMIGO.
  • April 26: Presentation at Kiushu University (Prof. Hashizume), Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
    • Dr. Kikinis was welcomed by investigators of Kyusyu University with great enthusiasm. Kyusyu University has been actively using Slicer for their IGT research. Again two investigators from Kyusyu University, including a neurosurgeon, decided to attend the Hiroshima event after hearing Dr. Kikini's talk.