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The Common Toolkit Workshop at SPIE, San Diego, CA

Feb 14 2010

  • The goals of the CommonTK are to:
    • provide a unified set of basic features for use in medical imaging using BSD style licenses
    • facilitate the exchange and combination of code and data
    • document, integrate, and adapt successful solutions
    • avoid duplication of code and data
    • continuously extend to new tasks within the scope of the toolkit (medical imaging) without burdening existing tasks

Past meetings: initial meeting in Heidelberg in June 2009, second meeting in Oxford, UK in September, third meeting in Chicago, USA in November.

CTK is a pro-tempore group of like minded technically oriented software tool builders. We expect to release a first version of CTK within a year. If you are interested to learn more, please contact Hans Peter Meinzer or Ron Kikinis.

San Diego



Sunday, Feb 14

  • Time: 3:20 PM – 7:20 PM
  • Venue: SPIE Medical Imaging, Town and Country Resort, San Diego
  • Date: Sunday, February 14, 2010
  • Room: Garden Room 2 (at Charlie's)

Detailed Agenda

  • Toolkit interoperability
    • Discuss strategies for common base. Suggested approach:
      • Today: collect a list of possible common features in two levels:
        • base features: CTK core (e.g. memory management, event mechanism, etc)
        • advanced features: optional CTK modules (e.g. DICOM, image data management, visualization, etc)
      • In future tech meetings:
        • each participant summarizes his approach regarding these features
        • identification of those features that are most similar
        • suggest a common approach
      • Plan the programming activities of the first tech meeting (hackfest)
    • New common functionality:
      • DICOM: Definition of features (e.g., import/export, non-image types, workflow support, application hosting, etc)
    • Discuss goals for bridges and adaptors:
      • do we want to start integrating specific platforms?
  • Definition of next steps, esp. tech meetings. Suggestion:
    • inventory meetings to identify most similar features
    • hackfest meetings to boost prototypic implementation
  • Update on funding efforts


  • Gianluca Paladini, Siemens Corporate Research, Princeton
  • Steve Pieper, Isomics, Cambridge
  • Kevin Cleary, Georgetown Medical Center, Washington, DC
  • Ivo Wolf, German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg
  • Ingmar Wegner, German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg
  • Stephen Aylward, Kitware, North Carolina, USA