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To brainstorm radonc computational methods between UNC, NA-MIC, BWH.

Agenda items from UNC

  1. PLUNC: An open source complete radiation treatment planning system
    1. State of the art, GPU-based dose calculation
    2. Fast IMRT engine
    3. Image registration of unlimited number of images
    4. Manual segmentations in axial, coronal, and sagittal slices
    5. User interface via dials and other continuous controls
    6. Available on many operating systems and computers
    7. Used by ~100 institutions for research
    8. iHERO-compatible
    9. 3D visualization (see item 2)
  2. 3D visualization in radiation treatment planning
    1. Integrated within PLUNC
    2. User interface: fully interactive pose and slice control, display entity control
      1. Single-GPU-based
    3. Methods:
    4. MGRview:
      1. Combinations of volume rendering, surface rendering, dose painting, beam outlines and views, …
      2. Object-coordinate based visualization operations for 3D visualization of multiple entities (objects, beams, dose, etc.) supported by texturing (2D and 3D)
      3. Illustration of object shape and position variations across days
  3. Image analysis
    1. Skeletal model fitting to anatomic objects
    2. Skeletal model analysis into eigenmodes of variation and principal variances
    3. Segmentation via skeletal models and statistical models of image appearance (Pablo)
    4. Atlas to patient diffeomorphism calculation from corresponding reference object boundary points with correspondence maintenance
    5. Fluid-flow and control-theoretic greyscale diffeomorphism calculation
    6. IGRT from 2D projections to 3D CTs
      1. Registration
      2. CT reconstructions at treatment time therefrom
  4. Utilities: Anti-aliased manual segmentations
  5. Applications: Endoscopy/CT fusion in head and neck: registration and visualization (early stages)

Agenda items from NA-MIC

  1. Works in Progress on RT
    1. DICOM RT Support Roadmap and Head and Neck Cancer Application Summary(Greg Sharp)
    2. Pelvic Applications Summary (Tina)
  2. Slicer Roadmap and its relevance to RT

To be added.



This is a tentative list of participants. No one has been contacted yet.

  1. Julian Rosenman, UNC
  2. Steve Pizer, UNC
  3. Sha Chang, UNC
  4. Dave Lalush, UNC
  5. Ron Alterovitz, UNC
  6. Derek Merck, UNC
  7. Ilknur Kaynar-Kabul, UNC
  8. Hina Shah, UNC
  9. Chen-Rui Chou, UNC
  10. Lei Pan, UNC
  11. Brandon Frederick, UNC
  12. Clare Tempany, BWH
  13. Fiona Fennessy, BWH
  14. Robert Cormack, BWH
  15. Greg Sharp, MGH
  16. Andrey Federov, BWH
  17. Ron Kikinis, BWH
  18. Hans Peter Pfister, Harvard
  19. George Chen, MGH
  20. Tina Kapur, BWH
  21. James Balter, Michigan
  22. Gabor Fichtinger, Queens
  23. Terry Yoo, NLM
  24. Dave Chen, NLM
  25. Stephen Aylward, Kitware