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Welcome to the Function BIRN Wiki!

Welcome! This system is meant to encourage quick and efficient communication among the participating investigators and the interested users. If you are interested in the BIG picture or need an introduction to the BIRN project please go to our main web page Biomedical Informatics Research Network

  • In 2006, FBIRN moved to a BIRN hosted wiki.

Tools developed by FBIRN can be found here These tools (will) include

  • Human Imaging Database (HID) schema and manual
  • the XCEDE XML schema and documentation
  • scripts for automated FMRI ghosting, movement, and spike measures
  • FSL Image Processing Scripts (FIPS)
  • Eprime experimental programs and stimulus extraction tools

Publicly available datasets and how to get them: Portal

See here for the BIRNing Issues newsletters: BIRNing Issues

FBIRN:Aims and Goals of FBIRN

For Internal Use

See here for upcoming and past FBIRN: Meetings and Conferences

Authorship guidelines and acknowledgment text FBIRNAcknowledgmenttext2006

Progress by Working Group FBIRN: Progress Reports

The FBIRN Internal webpage For BIRN investigators only

The FBIRN Share drive: Xythos


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