GPU accelerated FEM for simulation and segmentation

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Key Investigators

  • Megumi Nakao and Nobuhiko Hata


We are developing a fast FEM-based mesh deformation library for interactive simulation and segmentation. The goal in this project week is summarized as

  • integrate linear FEM-based deformation algo into the slicer
  • perform deformation on specific data
  • implement GPU-based acceleration for real-time deformation

Approach, Plan

  • integrate a liner FEM solver(original C++ source) into the 3D slicer framework.
  • make tetrahedral meshes from medical images and set up physical conditions. Other mesh formats, points and surface models will be probablly accepted.
  • evaluate some deformation results qualitatively and improve the simulation.
  • try GPU-based acceleration by modifying the linear equation solver using CUBLAS library.


We have got the following results through this project week

  • The FEM-based deformation library was implemented on the Slicer framework.
  • Elastic deformation results were confirmed using sample data.
  • CUBLAS library enables interactive update of the stiffness matrix for tetrahedral meshes with 2000 vertices


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