Georgia Tech visit to UNC, June 8

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Georgia Tech (Core 1) & UNC (Core 1) Shape Analysis Collaboration


Date: June 8 and 9, 2006
Place: UNC
Participants: Delphine Nain (Georgia Tech), Martin Styner (UNC)


  • Thursday June 8
    • Arrival at RDU 10am, Transfer to UNC Neuroimaging laboratory (arrival 10:30 - 11:00am)
      • Parking at hospital (Dogwood Deck: Map Map2 ), Hospital address: 101 Manning Drive.
      • Directions: Take I-40 West to exit #273A. Take NC 54 West to Chapel Hill. Take US 15-501 South to Manning Drive. Turn right onto Manning Drive. Patient and visitor parking in the Dogwood Deck. The Dogwood Deck is 0.9 mile from US 15-501 on the left side.
      • Meeting in hospital lobby area
    • Tour of the lab, lunch
    • Discussion of recent results of shape classification using spherical wavelets as features (Martin, Guido)
    • Meetings with lab members (Sylvain Gouttard, Remi Jean, Sampath Vetsa)
    • Dinner
  • Friday June 9
    • Meeting at UNC Computer Science, Sitterson Hall, Parking best at Morehead Planetarium: Map )
    • Tour of CS lab, facilities
    • Discussion code integration, ITK etc (Martin)
    • Meeting with lab members (Casey Goodlett, Christine Xu)
    • somewhere in between: lunch at Franklin Street
    • 2-3pm: Talk at UNC Shape Statistics meeting (Sitterson Hall 325, schedule )
    • Discussion future experiments (Martin)


  1. Shape Analysis for the caudate and corpus callosum data (Harvard, UNC, Georgia Tech, Dartmouth)
  2. July 20, 2005. UNC visit of Georgia Tech for collaborative work on shape and DTI algorithms.