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The Image Guided Therapy Toolkit is a toolkit being developed at the Brigham and Women's Hospital. The IGT toolkit is a set of open source software tools integrated with supported hardware devices: www.slicer.org 3D Slicer is our main platform for software development and dissemination, and OpenIGTLink is a communication protocol that allows Slicer3 to communicate with imaging devices, trackers and medical robots. We encourage you to download and use the free tools and welcome any comments or feedback.


See the Slicer3 Training page for additional tutorials on Slicer3 capabilities.

Level Tutorial Hardware Requirements Tutorial
1 Basic Navigation Tutorial

Illustrates Slicer3's tracking capabilities using a tracking simulator in place of an actual tracking device


Basic Navigation

1 Neurosurgical Planning in Slicer3

Demonstrate's Slicer3's IGT capabilities by using image registration, model making and DTI to create a preoperative plan for neurosurgery

None Neurosurgical Planning Overview
1 Prostate Therapy Planning in Slicer3

Demonstrates Slicer3's IGT capabilities by using deformable registration and model making to create a preoperative plan for prostate therapy


Prostate Planning Overview

1 Lego IGT and Medical Robotics Tutorial

Provides an overview of all of the main components of IGT and medical robotics, including imaging, pre-operative planning, targetting by tracking, navigation and registration

Lego Mindstorms NXT robot

Lego Deluxe Brick Box

Lego Tutorial
2 Advanced Navigation Tutorial with a tracking device

Illustrates Slicer3's tracking capabilities using a tracking device, and provides a more advanced overview of the OpenIGTLink protocol

Tracking device e.g. NDI Aurora Advanced Navigation Tutorial

Contact Information

If you have any comments or requests, please contact Dr. Nobuhiko Hata (hata at bwh.harvard.edu).

Dr. Hata leads the development of Slicer IGT at the National Center for Image Guided Therapy. See the website of his Surgical Navigation and Robotics Laboratory.


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