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Python, Tcl, Perl, or Scheme.


Java is typically used as an interface to toolkits implemented in C++ (e.g., VTK or ITK). The CableSwig program (or equivalent) is used to automatically generate Python bindings for these toolkits.

Java is also being used to implement the [Dart2Summary|DART2]] testing system.

Documentation, Tutorials and Examples

An exhaustive list of books and online references are available for Java. See the official Java web site, or check for various Java books.


Java JDK and JRE are licensed under Sun's Binary Code License (BCL). The binary JDK and JRE are available at no-fee from Sun (per terms of the BCL) for use with desktop personal computers. Both the JDK and JRE can be freely redistributed with value-add. JDK or JRE use for embedded devices and other computing environments may require a license fee from Sun.