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Segmentation of a Lung Lesion produced by the Kit

Key Investigators


The Lesion Sizing Toolkit is an Open Source software package designed to segment and measure Lung Tumor Lesions from CT chest scans. This software is based on ITK, and it is intended to be contributed to ITK.

Approach, Plan

  • We will exercise the Lesion Sizing Toolkit on a collection of publicly available lung CT datasets.
  • We will present the architecture and implementation details of the software.
  • We will welcome feedback on how to improve it and how to make it more useful to the community.


  • We have been submitting Nightly builds of this project to the ITK Dashboard.
  • A working version is available for download from the SVN repository.
  • We exchanged ideas with other NAMIC collaborators on how to improve the Lesion Sizing Kit.