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Lessons Learned

    • Bring laser pointer
    • Bring at least two LCD projectors
    • Bring digital camera to capture moments like Steve & Anders dancing at Mangos

Goals of workshop

    • To review progress on the 6 month milestones proposed on Oct 2004, for both technological and scientific deliverables
    • To update priorities, milestones and specific roles for Oct 2005 and Mar 2006 goals
    • To review and clarify the dependencies across all Cores to achieve these goals

(e.g. launch the cross site DTI calibration, analysis, visualization and image informatics effort)

Agenda (Mar 2-4, 2005)

Wed Mar 2nd, 2005: Day 1

Thu Mar 3rd, 2005: Day 2

Reference: Morph BIRN Milestones proposed at Oct 2004 Annual Meeting

Fri Mar 4th, 2005: Day 3

    • 8:00am: BREAKFAST
    • 8:30-10:00am: Continue Working Group parallel sessions
      • Informatics Group: Data Workflows: Workflows Agenda / Workflows Presentation (8:30am - 10am, Fischer Room)
      • mBIRN & NA-MIC Educational Core collaborations: diffusion MRI acquisition (R. Gollub, S. Pieper, A. Song, S. Mori, P. Golland, J, Jovicich Star Room)
    • 10am-11am Wrap up discussions
      • Developing white matter labeling conventions and GUI requirements (S. Pieper, J. Fallon, A. Dale, M. Perry, Fischer room) DTI Project Summary
      • Informatics Work Group (breaks out on separate room to wrap up)
      • Review QA specifications and XNAT's possibilities to provide these (R. Gollub, D. Marcus, C. Fennema-Notestine, Bay Shore Room)
      • Additional Discussions
    • 11am-1pm: LUNCH (working or playing in the sun)
    • 1pm-5pm: Wrap-up: March 2005: Updated goals and workplans



    • MGH: B. Rosen, D. Kennedy, R. Gollub, S. Murphy, J. Jovicich, H. Schmidt, M. Mendis
    • BWH: R. Kikinis, S. Pieper, J. Sacks, N. Aucoin, R. Estepar, K. Hayes
    • MIT: P. Golland
    • WashU: R. Buckner, D. Marcus
    • JHU: T. Brown, M. Miller, S. Mori, C. Priebe
    • Duke: B. Boyd, A. Song, J. MacFall
    • UCLA: A. Toga, K. Crawford, R. Nor
    • UCSD: C. Fennema, M. Perry, A. Dale
    • UCI: J. Turner, D. Keator, D. Wei, J.Fallon, M. Panzenboeck, G. Alva
    • BIRN CC: M. James, J. Grethe
    • NCRR: E. Collier
    • Internet 2: Michael J. McGill

Hotel Information

Eden Roc Resort and Spa (a Marriott Hotel) 4525 Collins Avenue Miami Beach, FL Phone: 305-531-0000 Price: $249/night +taxes Group Name when making reservations: ask for "Mass General Morph" Group Code: BIRBIRA

Logistics Note from Stacey Ladieu

Hello everyone! I just wanted to give you some information regarding your arrival to Miami tomorrow for the mBIRN Spring Conference.

The Eden Roc Resort and Spa is approximately 10 miles from the Miami airport. Taxi approximately $24 each way Super shuttle: $13 each way per person - Phone (305) 871-2000


  • Welcome Meeting 7:00pm in the Fisher Room
  • Buffet Dinner 8:00pm in the Topiary Room


  • General Session in the Fisher Room, continental breakfast starting at 8:00 am
  • Buffet Lunch served from 11:30-1:00pm in the Topiary Terrace
  • Afternoon additional breakout, room name TBD


  • General Session in the Fisher Room, continental breakfast starting at 8:00 am
  • Morning additional breakouts in the Star and Bayshore Rooms
  • Buffet Lunch served from 11:30-1:00pm in the Topiary Terrace

Wireless internet will be provided in the general session room

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