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  • Include new assessments in HID with CALM/GAME

Clinical Assessments available in HID web app (2/3/2005)

      - SAPS
      - SANS
      - Calgary Depression Scale
      - Simpson Angus Scale
      - Barnes Akathisia Rating Scale
      - Fagerstrom Test for Nicotine Dependence
      - Premorbid Adjustment Scale
      - Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale
      - Beck Depression Scale
      - Quick Mood Scale

Preparing Phase II assessments in your database using Clinical Assessment Layout Manager (CALM)

Before being able to use the hooked Phase2 assessments under HID web app version 1.5.2, you need to follow the following steps.

1) You need to have a placeholder record for the ontology source in your nc_ontologysource table. You need one record with the following column values (since some of them are site specific I gave some description how to populate them)

  UNIQUEID = an integer unique within the records in this table
  TABLEID = the tableid  from the NC_TABLEID table
  OWNER = the id of the owner of the record (UNIQUEID from NC_DATABASEUSER table for the owner of this record)
  DESCRIPTION = 'just a placeholder'

DON'T FORGET to commit (using SQL*Plus COMMIT command) in Oracle SQL*Plus.

2) Make sure that the values of the NAME column for all rows in your NC_DATABASEUSER table are all upper case.

3) Get the latest CALM from the CVS

  cvs checkout BIRN/cas_layout

4) Edit your $CAS_LAYOUT_HOME/conf/caslayout.properties file for database connection information.

5) run ant to build CALM


6) In $CAS_LAYOUT_HOME/conf, copy log4j.properties.example to log4j.properties and replace ${DEST_PATH} with the directory pointed by $CAS_LAYOUT_HOME

7) Set CALM_HOME environment variable to $CAS_LAYOUT_HOME (for example /home/myusername/BIRN/cas_layout)

  export CALM_HOME=/home/myusername/BIRN/cas_layout

8) Prepare the CALM invocation script by

  cd  $CAS_LAYOUT_HOME/bin
  cp calm.sh.example calm.sh
  chmod ug+x calm.sh

9) run CALM


10) From File Menu->Load , load one of the XML Layout files in the $CAS_LAYOUT_HOME/phase2 directory.

11) From Tools Menu select Save Assessment to DB option and press the Yes Button in the Saving Assessment Dialog Box to start saving the assessment meta-data to your database.

12) Repeat steps 10 & 11 for all the phase2 assessments in the $CAS_LAYOUT_HOME/phase2 directory.