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  • Postgres implementation of HID

Up to date

  • Schema updates

Up to date

  • HID web app version 1.5.2 is available

Please do a checkout (NOT an update, since cvs tags are sticky, cvs update will only update changes made on your previous tagged version, not the latest tagged version)

cvs checkout -r T_STABLE_v1_5_2 BIRN/clinical

What's new

1.5.2 : (25-Jan-2005)

       - multiple answer question, unanswered question support in GAME
       - A majority of the fBIRN Phase II assessments are hooked with  GAME (including Fagerstorm and Premorbid Adjustment scale)
       - Enhanced display logic for multi-valued score results displays
       - Remote (security) administration support (client/server model over custom XML-RPC) for dynamic user administration of the
       - Various bug fixes and code refactorings.