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Goals: To distribute as much validated open source code as possible.


  • Gradient unwarping (talk to Siemens/GE distribution) (JJ, BR, AD)
    • Jorge will continue working with Silvester to preparing open source matlab code for gradient unwapring correction. This is the main issue now holding our manuscript for submission. We will continue working under the assumption that no prietory nor proprietory-derived information can be distributed.
    • Anders will talk to GE and Bruce Rosen to Siemens to see if we can distribute the displacement and intensity correction tables that are derived from the proprietory spherical harmonics files.
  • Bo + Eddy current correction code & protocol suggestions (AS, JM, SM)
    • Allen will work with James and Susumu to test his protocol and correction algorithms on James' Siemens and Susumu's Philips systems.
    • Allen expects that by Oct 2005 he will have a distribution version (c-code, matlab available now) for his correction algorithms, with image format wrappers as well as protocol suggestions for GE, Siemens and Philips. (those for GE are currently available now)
  • Distortion correction code (SM)