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  • upload for new SRB structure

Upload script is being tested at a couple of beta sites by fBIRN (entered by J. Sacks 1/20/05)

fBIRN released their upload script to BIRN CVS last week. Jonathan will be testing how this works with mBIRN datasets - structural scans should be treated as subsets of functional scans in this method (entered by J. Sacks 2/2/05)

  • integrate BIRNDUP in upload

AVI is driving this. Informatics' role needs to be determined by fBIRN (entered by J. Sacks 1/20/05)

  • Create workflow and GUI for upload

Will tie in with new upload script by fBIRN (entered by J. Sacks 1/20/05)

  • integrate Portal project registration tool

The Portal group needs to release this application before we can start on this (entered by J. Sacks 1/20/05)

The Portal now has an interface for a project registration tool. See https://portal.nbirn.net/BIRN/cgi-bin/Projects/ Since e.g. de-identification and BIRNDUP are initiated locally, this still needs to be tied in with a local registration process. (entered by J.Sacks 2/2/05)