Measuring Alcohol Stress Interaction

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Key Investigators

  • VT: Chris Wyatt, Vidya Rajagopalan
  • BWH: Andrey Fedorov, Ron Kikinis, Nicolas Rannou, Sylvain Jaume


  • To improve cortical segmentation of Vervet segmentation Results
  • Use Change tracker module in Slicer to study hippocampal changes between subjects at two time points

Approach, Plan

  • Improve rigid registration results by optimizing parameters
  • Add bias correction to workflow to improve segmentation results
  • Study hippocampal changes between subjects at two time points using Change Tracker


  • ChangeTracker augmented with the capability to accept externally-defined segmentation (ChangeTrackerVT in NAMIC Sandbox)
  • MRIBiasCorrectionFilter module by Nicolas Rannou available in NAMIC SandBox, initial testing on rhesus data done
  • GWE set up on SPL Cluster for registration parameter exploration
  • ChangerTracker used to detect change between hippocampus of State0 and State1 of first vervet subject.
ChangerTracker output for hippocampus changes between state0 and state1
  • MRIBiasCorrection Module parameter exploration being set up in GWE of SPL cluster.
Before bias correction
After bias correction

In Progress

  • Working with Xioadong to adapt SkullStripper Module for Vervet Images
  • Explore use of ACPC align prior to rigid registration.