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NA-MIC External Advisory Board
Introductory Teleconference
November 18, 2005, 1:30pm EST

  • Participants: Ron Kikinis, Fred Prior, Karen Skinner, Lonnie Edelheit, Chris Johnson, Godfrey Pearlson
  • During conference call, Ron will give an overview of the function of the NA-MIC EAB, cover AHM logistics
  • 2 days AHM: discuss progress and what we have done, begin discussion of plans for upcoming year
  • Jan 10 morning: upcoming year, afternoon: EAB
  • Best if EAB can attend both days
  • Regarding logistics: Katie can help, please book economy flight, keep all original receipts- government will reimburse meals, but not alcohol
  • Objectives: NA-MIC EAB – help us in setting direction- this is not an operations committee, but should help us in making strategic decisions- since this is the first completed year, and the first meeting of the EAB, this meeting is a good chance to get to know each other
  • Please review 20-page summary in original grant application
  • Have asked core groups to give 5 min summary of what their group does, and what their participation is in NA-MIC
  • Next year will be different- we will ask the EAB to make decisions re: DBPs, will require strategic decisions - heavy demands on your decisions/opinions, not on your time
  • Reiterates that it is EAB strategic insight we are looking for-though Ron would like to see EAB workload minimized, we must submit a written report to the NIH for our annual report. Katie will take minutes at the meeting, and we will send to the board members for their input/review- ask for input- you can add to what was said
  • Karen: I am from NIH. I know that Ron wants to keep your work at minimum, but you may want to read the original RFA that provides the context for the overall program through which the Centers were created
  • Please send Katie your biographical info for the website